Kartaverse for DaVinci Resolve/Fusion Studio

Version 5.6 - Released 2023-10-25
by Andrew Hazelden

Email: andrew@andrewhazelden.com
Web: www.andrewhazelden.com


Kartaverse is a free open-source post-production pipeline that is uniquely optimized for artists working in the immersive media sector. If you can imagine it, Kartaverse can help you create it! Kartaverse is sometimes called a Pipeline In a Box. Everything you need is accessible in only a few clicks. Kartaverse provides ready to go scripts, templates, plugins, and command-line tools that allow you to work efficiently with XR media.

"Karta" is the Swedish word for map. With KartaVR you can easily stitch, composite, retouch, and remap any kind of panoramic video: from any projection to any projection. The KartaVR plug-in works inside of Blackmagic Design's powerful node based Fusion Studio Standalone and DaVinci Resolve Studio software. KartaVR provides the essential tools for 360VR, panoramic video stitching, depthmap, lightfield, and fulldome image editing workflows.

Unlock a massive open-source VR toolset that will enable you to convert image projections, apply panoramic masking, retouch images, render filters and effects, edit stereoscopic 3D media, create panoramic 3D renderings, and review 360° media in Fusion's 2D and 3D viewers. With KartaVR you can remap 360° media between LatLong, cylindrical, angular fisheye, domemaster, and countless cubic formats.

The KartaVR plug-in makes it a breeze to create content for use with virtual reality HMDs (head mounted displays). The toolset can also output "Domemaster" formatted imagery for exhibition in immersive fulldome theatres.

Panoramic Conversions

Kartaverse adds the Vonk Ultra data nodes to Blackmagic Design Resolve/Fusion. Vonk can be thought of as node-based modifiers that live in the flow. These node-based operations provide a no-code alternative to using expressions or custom scripts. Data nodes are tools that allow you to interconnect nodes together by supporting more data types for the input and output connections such as numbers, text, spreadsheets, CSV, JSON, XML, YAML, metadata, arrays, matrices, and more.


KartaVR is an open-source (Apache 2.0/GNU GPL v3) toolset. It is distributed exclusively through the WSL Reactor package manager for Resolve/Fusion. Install the Reactor package manager, and then select the Kartaverse/KartaVR category on the left side of the Reactor GUI. Then select and install the "KartaVR" and "KartaVR 3rd Party Libraries" packages.

KartaVR for Reactor

Kartaverse/KartaVR can be used on personal and commercial projects at no cost. Kartaverse can legally be installed, for free, on an unlimited number of computers and render nodes via the Reactor Package Manager.

KartaVR works with Fusion Studio v9-18.6+, Fusion Render Node v9-18.6+, DaVinci Resolve (Free) v15-18.6+, and DaVinci Resolve Studio v15-18.6+. KartaVR runs on Windows 10-11, macOS Monterey - Sonoma, and Linux 64-Bit RHEL 7+, CentOS 7+, and Ubuntu 14+ distributions.

Kartaverse Technical Support

Technical support for Kartaverse is handled by the official Kartaverse Google Group. If you've got a question about 360VR and immersive workflows in Resolve and Fusion Standalone, the KartaVR User Group is the place to get it answered.

Workflow Guides

A new "Kartaverse Workflows | Immersive Pipeline Integration Guide" learning resource is available. The free guide has over 512 pages of content that covers the primary steps required to get a working content creation pipeline established from scratch for artists working at a freelancer, or small boutique studio scale of operation. Additional, expanded chapters cover broader Resolve/Fusion page usage concepts that will help you take your composting and 360VR content creation skills to the next level.

The guide is available in two formats:

Immersive Pipeline Integration Guide

YouTube Videos

Hugh Hou has published several Resolve/Fusion centric VR tutorials on his YouTube channel.


This video covers the usage of Reframe360Ultra for reframing videos:
How to ReFrame ANY 360 Video in DaVinci Resolve FREE in Real Time (Insta360, GoPro MAX, Qoocam 8K)


This video shows how to process Canon R5C camera + Canon RF 5.2mm dual fisheye lens media in Resolve:
Edit Canon R5C & R5 VR180 w/ DaVinci Resolve 18 FREE - 3D 8K 60fps RAW LT Clog3 Workflow

The tutorial covers the usage of "ST Maps" and the WarpStitch node. Included with the project files are Fusion and Resolve example comps, along with a TouchDesigner based real-time warping project file that can be used to do live 180VR video streaming, and supports real-time stitched previews from the Canon R5/R5C camera.

Make sure to download the supporting project files.

Example Comps

The Reactor Package Manager places the downloaded example comps in the following PathMap location: Reactor:/Deploy/Comps/

In DaVinci Resolve you can access the base Reactor folder using the "Workspaces > Scripts > Comp > Reactor > Tools > Show Reactor Folder" menu item.

Show Reactor

In Fusion Studio this location can be accessed using the "Reactor > Tools > Show Reactor Folder" menu item.

Show Reactor

When the Reactor folder is opened in an Explorer/Finder window you can then navigate into the "/Deploy/Comps/Kartaverse/" sub-folders.

Example Comps

Table of Contents

Kartaverse/KartaVR is (C) Copyright Andrew Hazelden 2014-2023. All rights reserved. KartaVR was formerly known as the "Domemaster Fusion Macros".