Fusion Hotkeys

This document is a summary of the custom Fusion hotkeys included with the KartaVR toolset.

The KartaVR Hotkeys.fu preference file is installed in your Fusion "Reactor:/Deploy/Config/" folder using the Reactor based KartaVR installation process. You can start using the hotkeys right away to boost your productivity.

One of the nicest features of the hotkey files is you can now send panoramic imagery from Fusion to a desktop panoramic 360° media viewer of your choice or to an Oculus Rift/HTC VIVE/OSVR HMD with a single "TAB" keypress! This TAB hotkey will launch the Panoview script for you.

Pressing the "V" key in the Fusion flow area lets you push your active media to a Google VR View webpage using the Publish Media to Google Cardboard VR View script. This is great for viewing your panoramic 360° media in a web browser, on a smartphone, tablet, or in a Google Carboard HMD.

KartaVR Hotkeys List:

Fusion Flow Hotkeys:

Hotkey Tool Object Type
TAB PanoView Script
Shift + TABEdit PanoView Preferences Script
Shift + 3Zoom New Image View (Commented out) Script
A Send Media to After Effects (Commented out) Script
Shift + A Edit Send Media to Preferences Script
B BSplineMask Node
C ColorCorrector Node
D ChangeDepth Node
E Equirectangular to Fisheye (Commented out) Macro
F Fisheye to Equirectangular (Commented out) Macro
G GridWarp Node
Shift + G Send Geometry to MeshLab (Commented out) Node
I AlphaMaskMerge Macro
K Crop Node
L Loader Node
Shift + L FBXMesh3D Node
M Merge Node
N Note Node
O Open Containing Folder Script
Shift + O Open KartaVR Temp Folder Script
P Paint Node
Shift + P PTGui Project Importer Script
R Resize Node
Shift + R Scale Node
S Saver Node
Shift + S ExporterFBX Node
T Tracker Node
U UVPassFromRGBImage Macro
Shift + U UVPassFromRGBImageOnDisk Macro
V Publish Media to Google Cardboard VR View Script
Shift + V Viewer Equirectangular macro
X Transform Node
Shift + X RotateEquirectangular Macro
W WhiteBalance Node
Left CursorStep Backwards One Frame Action
Right CursorStep Forwards One Frame Action

Fusion Viewer Window Hotkeys:

Hotkey Tool Object Type
J Play Reverse Action
K Pause Action
L Play Forwards Action