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New Features in KartaVR 3.5

Volumetric VR 6DOF VR Stereo Support

Z360 Stereo

KartaVR now has a collection of panoramic 360° depthmap data compatible "Z360" nodes that allow you to create 6DOF stereo VR output inside of Fusion. As part of this new 6DOF workflow, KartaVR also supports using Fusion Studio's "Disparity" node with the Z360 toolset to extract depth information from your live action camera rig footage.

Tools for Photogrammetry Workflows

KartaVR has a new Send Media to Photoscan script that helps people who are working with photogrammetry (image based modelling) workflows. This script instantly creates an AGI Photoscan project file out of your selected Fusion based loader/saver imagery. This makes for a really efficient pipeline that allows you to key your greenscreen shot photogrammetry footage using Primatte in Fusion and then process the footage in AGI Photoscan with geometry based alpha masking.

There is an accompanying Send Media to Photoscan YouTube video tutorial that shows the new toolset in action using studio shot footage.

Send Media to Photoscan

A pair of nodes called ImageGridCreator and ImageGridExtractor help create/extract image sequences from a tiled image grid layout. This is handy if you are working with photogrammetry or lightfield source imagery that might be coming from a combined "sprite atlas" style image grid layout.

Pikachu 13x10 Image Grid

Dig into the Example Projects
KartaVR now includes 72 Fusion example projects. Each one contains detailed descriptions of a panoramic compositing workflow. Explore the projects and learn new techniques that will take your VR project to the next level. There is also a fun roller coaster example that demonstrates how to render VR content directly in Fusion's 3D animation environment.

Import PTGui Project Files
You can now import a PTGui stitching project file into Fusion. This will make a new composite with all of the nodes required to stitch your footage in seconds.

UV Pass Based High Speed Panoramic Conversions
KartaVR is able to dramatically simplify the process of building a fast and high quality UV pass based panoramic 360° video stitch. This UV Pass technique allows you to stitch and remap imagery between any image projection imaginable.